R U Serial number saavy??

if lacking your part number, the s/n of your unit is a valuable time-saver, and ensures accuracy of replacement parts which may be modifed or produced by a different manufacturer over the course of time a serial number is uniquely assigned by the factory to identify a specific unit. it may include letters, although ending with digits, often referencing year of mfg. typically serial numbers of a production run are incremented by a fixed difference from one unit to the next. equipment may be marked with several alphanumeric codes but only one of these will be a serial number (others may specify installed options, etc.) sooooooo .... it's worth the time and effort (might be under a kick-plate, or on a door frame) to locate your data-plate, and once you have, record that number in your phone or file. then you aren't forced to search when unit is hot (OUCH) or in use, or reinvent the wheel each time you need part confimation... ...more helpful tips to come, because we think your time is valuable - you know it is!
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