Palm Your Parts! Improve Your Kitchens Performance!

Palm Your Parts!
This is our new slogan for our new state of the art mobile app. I was in a restaurant the other day discussing our new app with a restaurant manager. He asked how will your app make my job easier? Great question! I asked him to imagine he was sitting down in the afternoon going over paper work or scheduling, he remembers one of the cooks telling him about a hinge or gasket that is failing. If he had our mobile app on his phone he wouldn't have to leave his paper work. He would have the ability to do several things to communicate his hinge or gasket problem.
1) He could use the one touch dial feature and communicate with us via voice.
2) He could use the live chat feature and communicate the issue similar to texting.
3) He could take a picture of a part and communicate his needs on the fly.
4) If he new exactly what was needed order it right from your mobile device.
These are just some of the features we developed to make your job perform easier.
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Cecilware EFS-65


-Economical To Operate- Maximum effciency with a balanced electrical load.

-Mechanical Temperature Controls

-Trouble Free, Low Watt Density, Fixed Elements

-High Energy Incoloy Elements- provide fast recovery.

-Robertshaw High Limit and Automatic Temperature Controls- insure accurate, safe fryer operation. Conserve energy and save money.

-Melt Cycle Controls- standard on all models

-Oversized, Full-flow 1.25" Drain Valve- makes draining effortless.

-Tough Unibody Construction

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Cleveland Steamers Best in Class

Cleveland is a recognized best-in-class
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