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Vulcan 420560-1 Knob (Red) (00-420560-00001)
Vulcan 420560-1 Knob (Red) (00-420560-00001)

Vulcan 420560-1 red knob

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Vulcan 420560-1 red knob
Part Number: a1420560-1
Availability: Same Day Shipping Available
360 degree rendering of knob
Short Description Knob ( Dial )
OEM Part Number 420560-1
Type Of Equipment


Part Used On Models And Series 12 OPEN TOP, 148L, 148LC, 160L, 160LC, 24 GRIDDLE, 24L, 260L, 260LC, 260LCC, 36 GRIDDLE, 36L, 36LC, 36SB, 36SBI, 481L, 481LC, 48L, 60L, 60LC, 60LCC, CMJ-36, CMJ-48, CMJ24, CMJ34, CMJ36, CMJ48, CMJ60, CMJ72, EG160, EG24, EG260, EG36, EG60, GH3/72, GH3/72C, GH3/72S, GH30, GH30C, GH45, GH45/72, GH45C, GH56, GH56S, GH6, GH60, GH60/45, GH60/72, GH6045C, GH60T, GH60T/45, GH60T/72, GH6C, GH6S, GH6T45C, GH72, GH72/45, GH72/45C, GHCB40, GHCB40C, GHM30C, GHM45, GHM45/72, GHM6, GHM60, GHM60/45, GHM60/72, GHM60T, GHM60T/45, GHM60T/72, GHM72/45, GHX45, GHX60, GHX60T, GHX72, GHXM45, GHXM60, GHXM60T, GHXM72, HCB040, HEG24E, HEG36E, HEG48E, HEG60E, HEG72E, ICM24, ICM36, ICM48, ICM60, ICM72, MG12, MG24CB, VCCB25, VCCB30, VCCB36, VCCB47, VCCB60, VCCB72, VCCB84, VCM-34R, VCM24, VCM34, VCM36, VCM48, VCM60, VCM72, VSB26I, VSB34IR, VSB34R, VSB36, VSB36IR, VSB36R

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Same Day Shipping Available

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