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Socket Element 000672SP
Socket Element 000672SP

Merco 000672SP Socket Lamp

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Merco 000672SP Socket Lamp
Part Number: a1MER000672SP
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Short Description Socket
OEM Part Number 000672SP
Type Of Equipment Warmer
Part Used On Models And Series 2TSW-2824, 2TSW-3224, 2TSW-3824, 2TSW-4424, 2TSW-5024, 2TSW-6224, 2TSW-7424, 2TSW-8024, 400-C Polished, CONTEMPO STYLE A, CONTEMPO STYLE F, EZNW-60X, FW AND NW SERIES, SW-2624, SW-3824, SW-4830, SW-5024, SW-6030, SW-6224, SW-7230

EZ Tube Replacement.

1. Remove the tube guard by pushing against the face of the warmer with left thumb and “bowing” the cross brace
upward with your right hand. Pull the brace free. Remove the lengthwise brace.
2. Place the left tip of the tube under the white  socket (receptacle of the terminal). Raise the tube  into the slot and apply enough inward pressure to
compress the terminal slightly.


3. While keeping the tube compressed into the left
terminal of the socket, position the right end of the tube
directly beneath the right socket.
4. Raise the tube into direct alignment with the
center of the right terminal. Release grip slowly
allowing the compressed left socket (terminal) to
lock tube into position.

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