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4675-00183 Slicer Oil
4675-00183 Slicer Oil

Berkel Slicer 4675-00183 1Pt Food Machine Oil - (16 Oz.)

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Berkel Slicer 4675-00183 1Pt Food Machine Oil - (16 Oz.)
Part Number: BER4675-00183
Availability: Same Day Shipping Available
A USDA aproved machine oil is recommended for lubricating and cleaning food machines. Food Grade oil great for slicers. Try the Berkel 4675-00183 for Berkel Slicer lubrication.

Combining functionality and compliance to stringent safety regulation is a benchmark the food industry must reach when utilizing food grade lubricants used on equipment essential to product processing and preparation.  The bar has definitely been raised with this type of application, as lubricant contaminated foods are simply unacceptable and as such, result in dollars wasted.  The NSF and USDA have addressed this issue and categorized safe options to keep your equipment running smoothly.  The article below will help you stay in the know about advances in this area of concern to all food prepares and consumers ..

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